About us

Noble Fox Games is a small independent game developer studio located in Lublin, Poland.

Currently the team consists of three fellows, who just sat one day together and though that instead of playing games all the time, it would be fun to make one themselve. Some of us have dabbled in smaller projects for different game developers. Others worked as journalists writing about computer games or have a vast experience playing various games.

What inspired us to cross the road?  Surely it was the dream of earning the living by doing what we love and what is our passion. None of us could bear to spend the rest of his life behind the desk organizing papers in a colourless room. The first steps we took have shown us that this process, though sometimes hard and frustrating, is also really creative and rewarding.

Our first project, S-COPTER: Trials of Quick Fingers and Logic was born in secret in September 2012. We didn’t even had a name for the game or the studio at that time. We decided to wait until we would have a finished prototype.

So when the time came, after long deliberations, we’ve decided on a name. And that is how Noble Fox Games was created (supported by local fox population).

We hope that playing our games will bring you as much joy as we had making them.

Noble Fox Games crew.