Noble Fox Games at IT Academic Day UMCS

Good evening (it’s 9.00pm here)  dear madams and gentlemen,

We wish to inform you, that infiltration of IT Academic Day at UMCS was successful. We’ve gained not only priceless knowledge, but also few chairs, two tables, free(!) dinner, couple of wires, one horse (we don’t have any idea, how did it got here) and some photos, which you can see right here.

We also updated our “About us” section – now there is a picture of the whole crew, so you can see what we look like (you do it at your own risk).

NFG team

It is aliveeee!

Our website is now officially up and running. Thanks to our webmaster, you can now enjoy our beautiful site :)

We will be posting what’s going on with us and our projects. We hope we can create a thriving community together. You can find information about our current project – S-COPTER in Our games section. We hope you’ll like it :)

If you’d like to share some thoughts with us, or ask us something, feel free to drop us a line at: