A couple informations for the beginning of 2014

The first half of January is behind us, so it’s about time for some news.

S-COPTER is still in development, but we are further than we were at the end of 2013. Most of the textures for our levels are almost done (they need some finishing touches and details) and our Level Designer is working hard on balancing every single element. Moreover, we completely changed our system for landing pads (so the screens from our alpha version are obsolete) but you will see it when we will publish gameplay video.

Aaah, yes – our long awaited gameplay video… We promised that couple of months ago and we still don’t have it. Why? Because we want to show you our game in the best possible condition – so you have to wait a little longer (maybe about two weeks from now).

We recently updated our main site with two things: Newsletter and Press Center. The first one is for everyone to use – that way, you don’t have to have a facebook account or RSS reader to be up to date with crucial informations about us and our games. You can subscribe by filling up the form on the right side of the site, or by clicking here. The second one is mainly for people from the press – that way if you’re looking for most important informations, you can find them in one place. Press Center is available here.

Finally, we want to inform you that there’s an article about us on the internet (well… it’s very short and only in Polish, but it’s a beginning for us). You can check it out here.

NFG team