S-COPTER on Greenlight and new trailer

Greenlight logoIt’s real, it’s damn real!

We are on Steam Greenlight right now! From now on, you can vote on S-COPTER: Trials of Quick Fingers and Logic. We count on you, because every vote matters. We will be grateful for your participation.

You don’t know anything about S-COPTER yet? It’s very fun and simple. You fly, transport passengers and die. Well, in fact you die very often. Hey, no one said it will be easy! In fact it can be very frustrating… Hooked yet? No? You can always play in coop mode… but I guess it won’t be easier. Hmm, you still die a lot. And in versus mode – the same.

So why bother, you ask? Well, it’s fun and when you achieve mastery, it’s even more fun.  Just give it a chance! We will see if you have quick fingers, marshal! There are the quick and the dead, the smart and the toasted, the hooked and bored, the… well, you know the type.

Remember. Greenlight. Vote. If not for us, do it for the cats! Or something…

You can also watch our latest trailer made by our friend, Robert Frączek: