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Demo version of S-COPTER

We are pleased to inform you, that we’ve released demo version of our game :).

Please remember, that this is from early beta version, so not everything is implemented and some things might not work as intended (but we believe that everything will work smoothly…hopefully). You can download our demo right here:

S-COPTER Beta Demo (136MB)

Have fun!

The demo is no longer available, as the game got better with time.

S-COPTER on Greenlight and new trailer

Greenlight logoIt’s real, it’s damn real!

We are on Steam Greenlight right now! From now on, you can vote on S-COPTER: Trials of Quick Fingers and Logic. We count on you, because every vote matters. We will be grateful for your participation.

You don’t know anything about S-COPTER yet? It’s very fun and simple. You fly, transport passengers and die. Well, in fact you die very often. Hey, no one said it will be easy! In fact it can be very frustrating… Hooked yet? No? You can always play in coop mode… but I guess it won’t be easier. Hmm, you still die a lot. And in versus mode – the same.

So why bother, you ask? Well, it’s fun and when you achieve mastery, it’s even more fun.  Just give it a chance! We will see if you have quick fingers, marshal! There are the quick and the dead, the smart and the toasted, the hooked and bored, the… well, you know the type.

Remember. Greenlight. Vote. If not for us, do it for the cats! Or something…

You can also watch our latest trailer made by our friend, Robert Frączek:

The Night of Culture 2014

Night shift at the Brewery presented during The Night of Culture 2014

Few weeks ago we published on our facebook page some photos from The Night of Culture 2014, which was taking place in our home city, Lublin. During that memorable night we presented our latest game made especially for this event – “Night shift at the Brewery”.

It’s a simple puzzle-matching game for Kinect for Windows (but you can play it with a mouse). We promised, that we will share the full version of a game, so there you have it: Night shift at the Brewery. Under this link you will find all the information necessary for successfully running the game.

As for our main production – S-COPTER – we will soon publish very interesting information, so be ready!

New logo for S-COPTER

It’s been quite a while since our last update and many things have changed. First and most important information – we have brand new logo for our game! You can see it below. All the thanks go to our colleague, Piotr Prażmowski for creating this awesome graphics.


The second thing is that we are still working on improving S-COPTER. We’ve implemented some major features and updates to our gameplay and also put some finishing touches to overall design and look of the levels. Soon we will update our screenshots with the new versions of levels, but before we will do that, some of you will have a chance to personally see what we’ve been up to since we’ve entered closed beta.

How come? During the UMCS Tournament, which will be held on 11-13th of April at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland), we will be presenting the latest version of our game (so basically, for a limited amount of time our closed beta tests will be open for everyone).

More information about the event can be found here.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

S-COPTER pre-BETA gameplay footage

Finally, we’ve released our first gameplay video. It took some time and it sure got on our nerves (problems with editing software, bad quality during export and conversion… and many more) but we did it! And now you can enjoy (or not) watching our game in motion right here:

If you are familiar with our idea of S-COPTER, you’ll notice that there’s something missing on the video. It’s the footage from versus mode. Why we didn’t include that? Because our lead programmer had awesome idea to modify it and it will take some time, to make graphics and animations for this new improvement. So we’ve decided to post footage from versus mode later, when it looks good enough to show it to the wider public.

Also, there have been slight change in naming our main version – we know, that “pre-BETA” means the same as “Alpha”, but we used that to emphasize the fact, that we are now very close to the Closed Beta tests!

NFG Team