S-COPTER pre-BETA gameplay footage

Finally, we’ve released our first gameplay video. It took some time and it sure got on our nerves (problems with editing software, bad quality during export and conversion… and many more) but we did it! And now you can enjoy (or not) watching our game in motion right here:

If you are familiar with our idea of S-COPTER, you’ll notice that there’s something missing on the video. It’s the footage from versus mode. Why we didn’t include that? Because our lead programmer had awesome idea to modify it and it will take some time, to make graphics and animations for this new improvement. So we’ve decided to post footage from versus mode later, when it looks good enough to show it to the wider public.

Also, there have been slight change in naming our main version – we know, that “pre-BETA” means the same as “Alpha”, but we used that to emphasize the fact, that we are now very close to the Closed Beta tests!

NFG Team